Relocation Services



Area Orientation Services 

  • Community Information - Local government, law enforcement, hospitals, transportation, libraries, restaurants entertainment, newspapers, parks.
  • Switch Utilities - Gas, electric, solar, trash, water, cable, phone, sewer.
  • Schools - Demographics, test scores, etc.
  • Rental Trends - Rental rates trends, rent vs own, rate adjustments by school scores
  • Area Tours - Hands on tours by qualified realtors with expertise and experience in the locations of interest to newly relocated individuals.
  • Megans Law - Search by address or zipcode to see where the sex offenders live
  • Passport, DMV, School Enrollment Services - Hands on assistence with a one of our experts 
  • Financial Institutions - Set up banking accounts, establish credit, apply for car loans, real estate loans

Services Provided to the following



  • Neighborhood Alert
  • Testimonials
  • Seller Fequently Asked Questions
  • Free Home Evaluation
  • Community Expertise and specialised Marketing Plan
  • Seller Advice and hands on preporation for getting your home ready for sale.
  • Home Care Center - providing vendors for every type of job needed
  • Free Professional Consultation of all the pros and cons of selling your house now?  Waiting? Or keeping it and renting it out?
  • Obamacare 3.8% Sales tax how does it work?




  • Create your own customized search and get email alerts when properties go on the market
  • Testimonials from Oz Realty Buyers
  • Free Consultation with an Area Specialist
  • Loan Approval Process
  • Quick links to available homes for sale
  • Schools
  • Home Care Center
  • Buyer Frequently Asked Questions
  • Rent vs Own Analysis
  • Community Information
  • Switch Utilities 





  • Area Orientation
  • Rent vs Own Analysis
  • Services Provided and Options
  • Create your own customized search and get email alerts when properties go on the market
  • Application Package Assistence and Completion
  • Free Consultation with an Area Specialist
  • Risk of Renting without a Real Estate Professional
  • Quick links to available rentals
  • Cost benefit analysis and tax consequnces of Selling vs Keeping the home and turning it into a rental.
  • Property Managment Services Offered by Oz Realty
    • Home preporation - getting your home ready to rent
    • Marketing of the rental
    • Showing the rental, collecting and evaluating tenant qualifications
    • Writing the rental agreement and providing all necessary disclosures
    • Move-In Walk Thru
    • Main contact for tenants if a problem arises
    • Solve any tenant related issue with the approval of the landlord
    • Renewal negotiations and completion
    • Move-Out Walk Thru
    • Rince and Repeat