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Tenants - Best way to get started on finding a rental

Finding a rental is no easy task. Its a lot of work.  I've put together this section of my real estate site to make things easier for Tenants to find a home.  Please review each section as each section will most likely be relevent to you.  Many of my services offered on this site are free to you, so take advantage of that.  It will save you a lot of time and money if you do. My committment to you is prompt service, personal guidance and professional competence from the moment you meet me.   Please click on my Service Options to see a detailed list of services I provide on a one off basis or as part of an employer relocation package. 
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Before you spend to much time follow the following steps:
  • Review all my Tenant Services Read about the Risks of renting without a professional realtor
  • Work on your application package
Then email me Oz Realty to set up your free consultation.  During the consultation we will go over your rental goals and neeeds and I will recommend your next steps and best way to proceed.  

Application Package

Any ligitimate rental is going to ask for a version of this information.  Don't give it to just anyone, make sure you are dealing directly with the owner or a real estate professional.  See Risks of not dealing with a Realtor. For your convineance I have two versions to choose from:

Service Options
  • Check your credit
  • Find out what you can afford
  • Closing Costs Reserves
Area Orientation Services 
Risk of Renting without a professional Realtor

When a rental is offered by a professional Realtor certain standards must be met or the Realtor/Broker will take on additional liability.  Therefor it is much safer to have at least one party represented by a professional real estate agent.  If you are going to rent a home without a realtor please be aware of the following risks

Various rental websites allow posting ads by anyone.  No proof is needed to claim you are the owner or manager of the property therefore please watch out for the following scams:  (Click Here to Continue) 

Rental Search Center

(Make sure you click on more options and under type choose residental rent.  Also draw and area you are searching or type in the city or multiply cities you wish to search)

Rent Vs Own Analysis

We will provide for you a free consultation on all the pros and cons of selling and buying versus not selling renting out and buying.  We will also help you find out your financial options from a banker.  A review of capital gains taxes, flexibility to buy again, commissions paid potential rent, property manangement fees and Return on Investment (ROI).  Please email me to discuss