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I entered Real Estate in 2001 and is currently a top agent at Realty World www.Homesellers.Com

Early in my real estate career I recognized the lack of information and difficulty for tenants to rent a home.  I live in Redwood Shores and my office is in San Carlos I decided to create a website to help renters have a more favorable rental experience, save time, save money and develop a relationship a lasting relationship they could depend on for all their real estate needs especially when they are ready to buy a home.  Please visit my similar website I created for the area look up homes for sale without worrying about having your name and email sold to realtor and others to spam you.  My rental page has grown over the years and I have now expanded it to the South Bay.  I also work with several relocation firms so if you are working with one, have them contact me.  If your employer is offering some real estate relocation help have them contact me directly as they may be willing to pay for my services and save you time, money, and effort in finding a new place to live.

I look forward to working with you.  Below is some other information regarding my real estate and other business experience.

My personal website is www.DaveOsbaldeston.com. I have extensive knowledge and experience in a broad range of industries outside of Real Estate including Healthcare, Information Technology, and the Defense Industry. I’ve utilizes a broad range of professional management and executive experience in Sales, Business Development, Marketing, and Economic Research to the benefit of his real estate clients.  Dave’s Resume

I’m a real estate agent for business professionals and investors. I have a unique combination of services that benefit local businesses, business professionals, and real estate investors, individual purchasers and renters. I use my economic, research, management, sales, marketing, negotiations, and business development skills to provide unparalleled expertise to his San Mateo County and Santa Clara clients.

Real Estate for most Americans is their most valuable asset!
We don't trust our health to untrained professionals yet many of us trust our home to realtors without any business experience or training. Why is that?  I think of real estate as one of the most important investments my clients ever make and continue to make throughout their entire life. Real estate investor’s resources and objectives change over time and therefore investment strategies change with them. My clients range from renters to first time buyers to upscale home buyers and sellers. I specialize in helping clients transition from renters to homeowners to real estate investors. I work closely with estate planners too! Here is a summary of our services:

  1. Relocation: I work with local businesses to help find new and existing employees. (Short and long term rentals).

  2. First Time Buyers: I help renters become owners with both financial and educational assistance.

  3. Trading Up: I help clients sell their home for the largest profit which includes staging, home improvement projects, repairs and remodeling. I find the best value and negotiate the best price for our client's new home, never forgetting about the long term value of the property.

  4. Investment Purchasing and Management: I assist clients in buying a single family homes or multi-unit properties as an investment which includes improvements, maintenance, rental services and management. Given my unique positioning of relocation services with local employers our rental properties enjoy higher occupancy rates. High occupancy means greater profit to my investor clients.


Rarely will you find a more qualified realtor

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