Application Package - Follow these six easy steps:

  1. Fill out a universal application that works for most rentals (Click the link, then download the file to your computer, then open the application and fill out online.  When finished you can save the PDF file and email to me to Oz Realty or you can click the email button directly from the application and email the application) - Oz Realty Rental Application - Please fill out an application for each adult responsible for the rent.
  2. Send me a photo of the Drivers License of each applicant.
  3. Please include your most recent pay-stub for each employed applicant.  If you are self-employed please explain your business and your income in the cover letter mentioned below.   
  4. A current credit report for each applicant - go to Credit Carma sign up for a free report  with a score.  Here are the steps as of 2/13/18:
    (1) - Create a free membership, (2) - Collect information to find your credit score, (3) - Once you have the score click on Credit Report located under your score (4) - Now they will show you two scores from two different credit bureau.  Click on the Equifax “Credit Report” a link under your Equifax score. (5) - Now you will see your report, look for the print report option.  (6) - Now your report is formatted for printing.  Click “Print report”. (7) - Now you will see your fill report at the top of the page it says "Print This Page" click it.  It will send the full report to be printed.  Save to PDF locally on your Computer then Email me your credit report with all your other documents. 
  5. They will first ask you to create a free membership. Make sure you cancel within 7 days or they will start charging your credit card each month. Choose the print or Save to PDF file if possible.
  1. Write a cover letter and explain to the owner why you would make a great tenant.   The cover letter is not required if you don’t have any of the issues listed in the note below.
  2. Email all documents to dave @ or fax to 650-475-7098

NOTE: Who should create a cover letter?  If you have a pet(s), credit issues, income concerns, or will not get a good reference from your prior landlord, then I highly recommend a cover letter for your application.  Please address in your letter what caused the problem and why it should not be a concern to your next landlord.  Call me if your not sure what you should say in your letter.  

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email me.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Oz Realty